Agile has been her passion for many years now. In her professional journey she was lucky enough to connect her passion with daily job. Starting her Agile career with informal mentoring for her work colleagues, becoming an Agile Coach and recently developing herself in Product and Business Agility.

Few words about her workshop:
Have you ever wondered what Agile is?
Have you ever asked yourself ‘is Agile for me’?
Have you ever wondered why Agile is so popularc

If the answer is ‘yes’ (or even ‘I don’t know’), I’m happy to invite you to join me in demystifying Agile. I’ll share my experience and introduce you the tempting world of Agility.

Agile and it’s frameworks are already popular in IT world. You can see Agile approach as requirement in job offers. But it’s becoming a key to success in other industries as well.

You can find her online: