John Zimmer is from Canada and now lives in Switzerland. For over 30 years, he has specialized in public speaking and communication skills. John works with clients all over the world, including Nokia, the WHO, Roche, Zalando and even the World Volleyball Federation. He is a 9-time champion of Toastmasters District 59 Public Speaking Contests. He is also a founder and member of an improv theater group, the Renegade Saints. Improv is one of the things that you will learn from him at the Conference.

John uses improv to help corporations break personal and creative barriers in business environments. Improv teaches skills such as quick thinking, cooperation, active listening, creativity and leadership. When these skills are applied in business, it’s no longer “business as usual.” Improv principles are relevant for professional development and can help you be a better leader, manager, colleague and speaker.

Come to Poznań and see John Zimmer doing that.