Certified Coach (ICF), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Consultant, Points of You Trainer, Lecturer and Speaker from Lithuania. For the past 7 years Raminta is helping individuals and organizations to find and use their strengths, cope with stress and difficult emotions in order to experience more joy, fulfillment and greater results. She has 15 years of experience in communication & marketing. Raminta dedicates more than 80+ days (700+ hours) every year to learning, self-improvement and qualification for becoming a better person and professional.

Constant changes, uncertainty in the outside world makes us confused, vague in our own goals and abilities. We must strengthen ourselves and return to the safe inner space where everything seems easy and possible. Increasing our psychological resilience and self-confidence makes us ready for any future challenges.

I will share the knowledge, tools and practical tips to help you get a better understanding of yourself and others around you; review your inner resources and strengths; learn practices for dealing with stress and negative emotions; make your own growth plan and toolkit for the future.

You can find her online: