Chief Specialist at Finnish Digital Agency, where her responsibility is leading development of the infrastructure of Finnish Artificial Intelligence, Toastmaster for 19 years, the founder of the first Toastmasters club in Finland. She says, “Through Toastmasters, I’ve gained the confidence I needed for handling any situation. The skill I value most is evaluation – it has benefited me greatly in my career and relationships.”

What will we learn from her workshop?
Facilitation is very important future skill. Facilitation is about getting the best out of people. As project manager of the National Artificial Intelligence program, Tuire Vuolasvirta has used several facilitation techniques for different purposes: setting up a new team and new project, agreeing on team charter, brainstorming new ideas and training team members. During this workshop you’ll discover different facilitation techniques and practice them with concrete scenarios.
Target group: People aiming to run workshops or leading a team, meetings or a project.

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